Laboratory of Behavioral Neurodynamics conducts research in the field of Cognitive neurobiology of learning and language perception processes. The project is aimed at implementing a large-scale research program on the study of neurocognitive foundations of language and science.
Our goals are to expand at this point in this field of ideas and to clarify the nature of neuroplastic changes that almost instantly arise in response to the presentation of new speech stimuli in the process of their development by children and adults.
The ontogenetic aspects of the assimilation of new words will be studied on children whose age does not go beyond the critical period for mastering the language.
In addition, the mechanisms for managing verbal learning, one of the main tasks is to refine the brain bases for storing and processing verbal information as such - by assessing the work of the structures involved in this process, the temporal changes in their interaction and interaction between different parts of the brain, and functional and anatomical connections Between them - with an outlet to identify potential cause-effect relationships.