The Laboratory of Behavioural Neurodynamics presents the monograph “Word to Representation: Neurocognitive Underpinnings of Verbal Learning”. 

This monograph presents the results of a large-scale interdisciplinary research program carried out in 2017–2021 at the Laboratory of Behavioural Neurodynamics (St. Petersburg State University, Russia) and focussed on investigating the brain mechanisms of word acquisition. The book describes the results of a series of experiments performed using various behavioural techniques and paradigms in combination with high-density electroencephalography and transcranial electrical (direct current) stimulation. These studies were aimed at addressing the neurocognitive foundations of (1) implicit and explicit acquisition of new language elements by children and adults, (2) acquisition of novel abstract and concrete concepts, and (3) dynamic properties of the human conceptual system. This publication is intended for cognitive scientists, psychologists, biologists, linguists.

More details can be found HERE.

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