The Saint Petersburg University Journal dedicated a special issue to our lab – and it turned out really good!

Laboratories are also able to ‘reflect’ on their actions.

At the New Year’s Eve no one can escape thoughts like, ‘What has been accomplished?’, ‘What have I done?’, and ‘What is the purpose of all of that?’.

We summed up all of our results since the creation of the lab. The details turned out to be so exciting that the Saint Petersburg University Journal decided to dedicate an issue to our work!

What does it contain?

How to learn words
We have discovered a few things about different types of learning new words and Olga Shcherbakova (Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of General Psychology) will bring you up to date!

Curious numbers
How much does it cost to set up a lab from scratch? How many people make their contribution to science by taking part in our research every year? Specialists from which countries participate in our conferences?

A look inside
The journalists interviewed different members of our lab, so now we can compare what life in the lab is like from the points of view of a leading scientist and a research assistant.

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