Symposium on the 2021 IOP Congress

 Olga Scherbakova and Yury Shtyrov organized the symposium “Neurolinguistic Circuits: Spatio-Temporal Configuration, Formation, and Function” at the 20th World Congress of Psychophysiology (or IOP 2021). An international and gender-divert symposium covered a wide range of psychological, psychophysiological and neurobiological investigations of speech and language faculty within the framework of psychological and linguistic theory. Speakers presented contemporary cutting-edge research in this multidisciplinary field and (1) discuss a range of psycholinguistic information processing types, such as lexicon, lexical semantics, language learning and cross-linguistic interactions in bilingualism, and (2) showcase a range of research methods, including behavioural psycholinguistic measures and electrophysiology (such as EEG, MEG, tDCS).


The symposium included 5 talks:
Vasilyeva M., Knyazeva V., Partanen E., Aleksandrov A., Shtyrov Y. Single-Shot Word Learning in the Developing Brain: ERP Evidence
Bermúdez-Margaretto B., Kopytin G., Myachyko., Shtyrov Y. Handling Two Writing Systems in the Bilingual Brain: ERP Investigation
Gnedykh D., Tsvetova D., Mkrtychian N., Blagovechtchenski E., Kostromina S., Shtyrov Y. Effects of Broca’s Area tDCS on Acquisition of Concrete and Abstract Words
Perikova E., Filippova M., Nasledov A., Blagovechtchenski E., Shcherbakova O., Kirsanov A., Shtyrov Y. Modulating Fast Mapping and Explicit Encoding of Novel Vocabulary by transcranial direct current stimulation
Shcherbakova O., Filippova M., Blagovechtchenski E., Perikova E., Kirsanov A., Shtyrov Y. Differential Neural Timecourse of Fast Mapping and Explicit Encoding of Novel Words: EEG and Behavioural Data

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