International Laboratory of Social Neurobiology (HSE Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience, Russia) welcome you to attend the 2nd International Conference on Social Neuroscience in Ecologically Valid Conditions, taking place on 19-20 October 2022 in online format!

Social neuroscience is a very exciting and dynamic field that extends from the study of effects of pheromones on emotional behaviors in animal models to cerebral mechanisms of language processing and decision making in humans. Applied areas include for example neuromarketing. Advances in methodology such as machine learning algorithms combined with modern neuroimaging techniques greatly facilitate research in social neuroscience.

The Conference programme will include oral presentations of invited speakers, poster spotlight presentations (5 min talk + questions) and workshop. We welcome posters on the topics of social neuroimaging, naturalistic stimuli neuroscience, social influence in various social contexts, cross- and intra-cultural differences in social neuroscience.

Registration DEADLINE: October 15, 2022

The registration is available by link.


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