iBrain Cognitive Neuroscience Direct track miniSymposium

Prof. Evgeniy Blagoveshenskiy will present our laboratory on The iBrain Symposium. 

IBRAIN is an academic network of leading HEIs in neuroscience and behavioural sciences with a particular focus on cognitive, neuroimaging and modelling applications aiming at building up Master’s-Doctoral tracks to increase the effectiveness of three-level education in the Russian Federation and India. Partner HEIs will develop Master’s-Doctoral tracks in Cognitive Sciences (Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg State University, and the University of Hyderabad) and enhance the doctoral curriculum by cognitive psychology and neuroscience at Institute for Higher Nervous Activity, Moscow Russia and Birla Institute for Science and Technology (Goa India). The process of upgrading the curriculum is sustained by leading EU experts in Cognitive Neurotechnologies at Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris France, Aarhus University Denmark, and Northumbria University UK as well as several industrial consortium partners. Participants of the project, both at the trainee and faculty level, have access to a rich programme of seminars, symposia, research internships and training visits to support their training and professional capacity developme

You can register for the exciting day or talks and discussions by following this link

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