The oldest popular science journal in Russia “Science and Life” published an article about the lab’s research

Olga Shcherbakova (Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of General Psychology) gave an interview to the oldest and one of the most well-known popular science journals in Russia – “Science and Life”!

By following the link on the right you can find the answers to the most intriguing questions about cognitive neurobiology, which, according to our unbiased expert opinion, has been and will be on-trend for many decades to come, if not forever!

Here is a short list of questions that Olga gives answers to:

  • What can we learn about cognitive processes by studying the brain activity?
  • Breakthroughs in neurobiological research: “we watch, brain acts”?
  • What is the main difference between humans and apes, or why do we need to study the speech centres in the brain?
  • Cramming or figuring it out in the process – what is more effective? The researchers in our lab have something to say on it.
  • What are the perspectives for neurobiology and technologies that already allow exploring the brain activity with a high degree of accuracy and without opening up the skull?
  • And, finally, the main question that bothers all the left-handed people, “Why only the right-handed?”

You can open the journal by following this link

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