Videos of the 4th International Neurobiology of Speech and Language Conference


Fuzzy nonnative lexical representations

Prof. Kira Gor (University of Maryland, USA)

Language pathways: The role of white-matter tracts in language processing

Prof. Olga Dragoy (Higher School of Economics, Russia)


(Non)existence of zero morpheme: ERP evidence
Maria Alekseeva, Andriy Myachykov, Yury Shtyrov

Do clothes make the man? Transposed-letter effects with logos
Ana Baciero, Manuel Perea, Francisco Rocabado, Ana Marcet

Handling two writing systems in the bilingual brain: ERP investigation
Beatriz Bermúdez Margaretto, Grigory Kopytin, Andriy Myachykov, Yury Shtyrov

Does color modulate masked identity priming? Evidence from lexical decision
María Fernández-López, Manuel Perea, Marta Vergara-Martínez

Contextual acquisition of novel words: Interactions with verbal abilities, motivation, ambiguity tolerance and neural dynamics
Nadezhda Mkrtychian, Svetlana Kostromina, Evgeny Blagovechtchenski, Daria Gnedykh, Diana Kurmakaeva, Yury Shtyrov

Development of phonological and orthographic parafoveal processing during reading in Russian
Vladislava Staroverova, Nina Zdorova

Anodal tDCS over Broca’s area improves learning of novel vocabulary
Ekaterina Perikova, Evgeny Blagovechtchenski, Margarita Filippova, Olga Shcherbakova, Alexander Kirsanov, Ekaterina Andriushchenko, Ekaterina Blinova, Yury Shtyrov

First dyslexic font in Russian: Evidence of efficiency and new questions
Svetlana Alexeeva, Vladislav Zubov

Processing of words and pseudowords in the thalamus and the subthalamic nucleus
Anna Chrabaszcz, Dengyu Wang, Witold J. Lipski, Alan Bush, Julie A. Fiez, R. Mark Richardson

Individual differences in prior knowledge application during word learning: A mechanistic Bayesian model
Hannah Marlatte, Jed Meltzer, Malcolm Binns, Asaf Gilboa

Can we identify a word by its upper half? ERP correlates of letter degradation during word recognition
Marta Vergara-Martínez, María Fernández-López, Montserrat Comesaña, Manuel Perea

Differential effects of tDCS of Wernicke’s area and its righthemisphere homologue on contextual acquisition of novel words
Daria Gnedykh, Diana Kurmakaeva, Nadezhda Mkrtychian, Evgeny Blagovechtchenski, Svetlana Kostromina, Yury Shtyrov

Eye movements during reading in Russian-speaking children with dyslexia
Sofya Goldina, Anastasiya Lopukhina, Anna Laurinavichyute, Olga Dragoy

Phonological and orthographic processing affect reading fluency in Russian children
Nina Zdorova, Anastasiya Lopukhina, Olga Vedenina, Sofya Goldina, Anastasiia Kaprielova, Vladislava Staroverova, Ksenia Bartseva, Olga Dragoy

Different types of regressions as a text processing skills indicator: Eye-tracking study of reading in 9-11 years old dyslexics
Sergei Oganov, Alexandr Kornev

The impact of capitalization of German nouns on semantic processing
Melanie Labusch, Manuel Perea, Sonja Kotz

The effect of different types of semantic cues on word retrieval success in tip-of-the-tongue states
Elizaveta Sokolenko, Svetlana Malyutina

Systematicity in language
Hana Jee, Monica Tamariz, Richard Shillcock 


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